Praia das Fontes

Uruaú Pond

The Uruaú pond, located in the center of a protected area, is one of the largest ponds in the state of Ceará and is over 18 Km long. The pond opens to the sea and is surrounded by vacation houses. It is very popular among the practitioners of water sports such as boating, kayaking, kite surfing and jet skiing. On the banks of the pond, there are stalls that serve fish, shrimp, crabs and cold beverages.

Cliffs Labyrinth and Springs

The ponds that surrounds the beach go through cliffs, creating small springs. Exploring the cliffs is a good option for adventurous people. One of the postcards of Praia das Fontes is its "labyrinth", called "Labirinto das Falésias". A formation of (mostly) red colored cliffs created by the erosive action of water. Before it became a protected area, local artists would gather colored sand from the labyrinth to use in their work. Refreshing springs and small ponds emerge in the various places of the formation.

Dune Buggy Ride

At the hotel entrance, there are tours services that show tourists around the dunes and cliffs by dune buggy.

Mãe D'água Grotto

The grotto known as Mae d'Água is an obligatory stop for those who visit Praia das Fontes. The grotto is big enough to fit only a few persons and can only be visited at low tide.