Brazilian Symposium on Graphs, Algorithms and Combinatorics

March 17-19, 2001, Fortaleza, Ceará State, Brazil



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CIMPA School on Combinatorics and Algorithms



The Brazilian Symposium on Graphs, Algorithms and Combinatorics - GRACO will be held in Fortaleza, in Ceará, which is a state in the northeastern region of Brazil. GRACO 2001 is supported by the Brazilian Computer Society and is open to faculty members, researchers, specialists and graduate students from around the world. It will take place in conjunction with the Brazilian Summer School on Combinatorics and Algorithms. All extended abstracts presented at the symposium will appear in a special issue of Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics (Elsevier). Selected full papers from the symposium will appear as a special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics. The list of invited speakers is here.

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